🔨TeamsTool a basic project management no-code app in Bubble

My projects 🚀 Jan 5, 2021

For 3-4 months now, I am on the verge of no-code. I consume a lot of content, I try to learn more tools, and I build.

No-code gives me access to do things that work in the real-world, an MVP for sure. I've written an in-depth article about A glimpse into no-code. I the current period, I want to build various apps so I get used to Bubble and, in the same, to see the endless possibilities of what I can create in the future.

The app I built is called TeamsTool, a project management app with the basic functionalities to be called an MVP.


  • Signup/Login
  • Create a project with the desired members, where you can then manage all the tasks for the desired project
  • Main dashboard where you can see all task from selected project split between New/In Progress/Done
  • Search between tasks by name
  • Two additional filtering options, by date or percentage of task done
  • Add new & edit currents tasks
  • Add extra Task Notes beside Description, maybe something regarding the status or separate things that your manager or yourself have to remember for that task
  • Analytics page where you can track task by progression and the due date
  • Admin/Project manager page to see all members & their tasks for each project or as a whole (if they are on various projects). This helps the project manager to know who is available for more work. Also, a delete member option.

This is all that I've built for this app, also every action has alerts and automates emails to the desired persons.

I made this app with the help of Buildcamp, where they have great tutorials and resources for Bubble.io.

You can also see TeamsTool in preview using the
Email: marlene@teamstool.com
Password: asdfgh

If you would like to know more or need help with no-code, especially bubble, I am happy to respond, mail me at hello@alexandru-stan.com.