Decipher. Why did I build it?

My projects 🚀 May 13, 2021

I started my no-code journey with, which is the hardest to pick up but also the most gratifying. You can build some fantastic and unique products with it.
Having some technical background can seem easy to pick up and feel more like a shortcut for you than output vs. effort.

After I wrapped my head around this tool, I wanted to try other tools like Adalo, Glide, or Softr. But since is mainly for web apps, I wanted to do some mobile apps. (you can build mobile apps with Bubble, but not as intuitively as other tools)

It was Adalo turn now.


After going through their tutorials and did play around with their templates, I decided I am ready to build something on my own.

As an aspirational builder & marketeer in my daily job, I am interested in the metrics of a business.

I would like to have all metrics formulas at my disposal in a single place.


I decided first to gather all the metrics formulas and best definitions out there.

There are different variations of metrics depending on the context, but I did try to pick the general ones.

A few of the resources used are:;;; Brian Balfour blog

I built my DB. All the tools I used seem the most accessible and intuitive, at least for someone like me with no technical background, although I came after learning the hard way to build DB in Bubble.

My current DB is split between:

  • User
  • Categories
  • And each calculator category had it's own collection

I made all the screens & logic behind it. Even tho doesn't seem so freely as but because that it's easy and you can find ways around. What I did feel was missing a lot for me where the complex conditioning formatting.

I did complete the design using elements from Unsplash and Undraw. All then polished in Figma.

1st screen of the app:

Main page:

One calculator example

You can take it to for a spin Decipher. or even use it freely as you need.